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Look this artist expands! Not just artists!
Articles · 15. maggio 2022
So far I have interviewed a lot of artists specialized in drawing ... but art, as you well know, does not stop only with pencils or digital tablets, but also with writing, animation, music. Therefore, I have decided to expand the showcase also for those who are experts in other sectors.

Look this Artist: CYM-K
Look this artist · 04. febbraio 2022
When I was younger, I didn’t enjoy being around people very often. Instead, I would spend my time drawing. It was engaging, but unlike reading, wouldn’t give me a headache.

Tea garden Party - end of the years video blog
Articles · 28. dicembre 2021
The story behind the making of this video is simple. First of all, why did I want to embark on a project where I have no skills? Towards the end of November I was pondering who I could interview for the month of December, being undecided about some candidates. At one point I said to myself: "what if I prepare something different instead?"

"Occhio all'artista" doubles! Here is the English version!
Articles · 03. novembre 2021
I announced it and now it has come true! The "Occhio all'artista" section has its own double to promote foreign artists!

Occhio all'artista raddoppia! Ecco a voi la versione inglese!
Articoli · 03. novembre 2021
L'avevo annunciato e adesso è diventato realtà! La sezione "Occhio all'Artista" ha un suo doppione per promuovere gli artisti stranieri!

Look this Artist: NMZuka
Look this artist · 03. novembre 2021
Im more of a hobbiest artist but I’ve been drawing since I was very little. I mostly drew animals and dinosaurs/dragons.