Look this Artist: CYM-K

   Stage name: CYM-K (pronounced SIM-kay)

    Provenance: Idaho, U.S.A


    How did you start your career as an artist? When I was younger, I didn’t enjoy being around people very often. Instead, I would spend  my time drawing. It was engaging, but unlike reading, wouldn’t give me a headache. Plus, it gave  me the freedom to express myself and my interests in whatever way I wanted. 



    What was your source of inspiration?

I    I remember my mom taking me to a book fair against my interests and finding Bill  Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. Turns out, that book was my biggest inspiration! I remember  reading and re-reading comic books over and over again, even reading comics with far raunchier  and more adult humor. I also grew up watching Steven Universe and Disney films, which also  inspired me to pursue art. 



         As an artist, how would you define yourself? 

I consider myself to be a digital cartoonist with a specialty in character design. I also do  storyboards/animatics from time to time, as well as fictional storytelling. 



·        A tip to give to other aspiring artists: Mimicry is helpful! As someone who does a lot of screenshot redraws, I find that studying  how other artists draw can help you figure out your own style. Study how your favorite artists draw  and try to replicate it! It trains the eye too. 


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