A piece of internet history: AMVs
Articles · 19. febbraio 2023
The inspiration for the following article came after reading the news of the death of James Kaposztas, a name that for many means nothing but which, in a sense, is important as he is the author of the first prototype of a category of videos known today as AMV.

I pay you in visibility – or, when an artist is not paid the right amount.
Articles · 28. gennaio 2023
A lot of people either stop to think of the artist's profession as "magical and fascinating", or as "a waste of time and not a real job". Only 1% stops to listen and understand what's really behind it.

Pokemon Scarlet… what a story!
Articles · 20. gennaio 2023
Yes, I'm a Pokemon fan and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And I write this article just to tell you how much I liked the last title.

Overwatch: Still a Good Game?
Articles · 08. gennaio 2023
In short, a successful game, one cannot argue with it. But if success has soared as fast as a rocket… at some point all the magic seems to be gone. How come? Is it the fault of following him? Lack of interest? A lot has actually happened.

War to Artificial Intelligence
Articles · 16. dicembre 2022
First of all we specify that the "war" mentioned in the title does not refer entirely to AI. For a month or more, a new platform called an "Art generator" has been launched on the web: this type of processor is capable of creating from scratch - after entering certain keywords - a real digital drawing: portraits, landscapes, animals fantastic… everything you can imagine, just a click away. Yes, it looks great. But it's not.

Fraud contests.
Articles · 09. dicembre 2022
Fraud is one of the methods most used by criminals to be able to illegally take money from people: we have telephone scams, mail scams and even scams regarding donations for the unfortunate. Even during the Covid period, a high number of scams were reported, mostly implemented via the internet, the new frontier for stealing and disappearing into thin air without a trace.

Bad Autors – cartoon editions
Articles · 02. dicembre 2022
I'll be naive, but I'm always amazed when I read the news about a famous person who turns out to be a piece of manure. Not that this is great news, you say. But you can't deny that it's still a shocker, especially when it comes to someone you know for their talent.

What a desire to read!
Articles · 13. novembre 2022
I love to read. It is one of my favorite pastimes. I admit that I read a lot less than when I was a little girl, but the passion is always there, ready to be fed when a good book ends up in my hands.

When the stars go out
Articles · 04. novembre 2022
It is always a sad and even strange event when a celebrity from movies, television or any other branch of entertainment passes away.

Goodbye to Cartoon Network? Not really
Articles · 23. ottobre 2022
A big News is upsetting the world of animation and its fans these days: Cartoon Network, the well-known cartoon production house, has decided to close its studies. Or rather, it is not yet clear.

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