What a desire to read!

I love to read. It is one of my favorite pastimes.

I admit that I read a lot less than when I was a little girl, but the passion is always there, ready to be fed when a good book ends up in my hands.

I am always looking for new authors, but in recent years I have thrown myself on the classics of literature for the work of legends such as Agatha Christie and Asimov, for example. The queen of mistery is definitely my favorite in the charts at the moment, her "Ten Little Indians" I finished at lightning speed.

However, no matter what book I read, it is always a moment of pleasure.


Reading is definitely a relaxing hobby that you can do at any time of day and wherever you are: at home in your bed, on the train while traveling, even in the waiting room at the post office. If I'm hanging out with my boyfriend and we find ourselves near a bookstore, time permitting, we go inside and start exploring the shelves in search of a new piece for our collection. The search for the perfect reading is not always successful, considering that we both have specific tastes and often the presentations of new readings do not attract us as it could happen to others.

But we try again, at least until next time.

What attracts me about a book?

First of all, the premise of the story: a good opening must be able to attract the reader, right? It is a bit of a gamble I must say, because then you run the risk of stumbling upon stories that, going on with the reading, are not as exciting as you had imagined, being so disappointed. For me as a story writer, it's one of my biggest fears to disappoint the reader in this way.

Even the cover deserves special attention: some are small piece of art, especially those for young readers, which frame colors, symbols or characters in a captivating way. Such a job is not easy at all, especially when you as a writer expect a certain result that well represents your work.


Reading, as well as other things, has been partially digitized.

For those who prefer to keep their libraries available for other things and not have the inconvenience of having to carry an object sometimes as thick as a brick, a Canadian company has created the Kobo, a kind of digital book in which you can download any novel, comic or literary work. Thanks to this device, you can always have your stories at hand, without having to fill bags or backpacks, as it is small and light. An object like the Kobo is far from useless. The only downside is that it can run out of energy, which is very boring when you're reading a compelling part.

I personally prefer to continue to buy the paper versions, as I like to touch the paper with my hand and leaf through the pages one after the other.

On this point, I think many people agree with me.

Another great invention is certainly that of audio books: books narrated aloud dubbed by professional narrators. Even if someone else is reading for us, it's still a great method. The business behind this job is bigger than it looks and is far from simple. Finding people with beautiful voices who manage to keep you focused on listening is not easy, among other things, knowing how to impersonate the various characters is just as challenging. For blind people this is really a fantastic solution because it also gives them the opportunity to enjoy all those stories that the market offers. Ok, even a sighted person can take advantage of it, there is no rule that prohibits it: in fact, a narrator can be very relaxing both while one is engaged in some business or it serves to keep us company during long solitary journeys.

It is truly magnificent how open the world of literature is.

Always try to be available to everyone regardless of the genre and the means by which it spreads. I agree when it is said that young people must be encouraged to read more, but I am aware that it must be done with the right story, otherwise it will end up becoming something boring and unpleasant. I like to see that there are many initiatives on this goal, I hope that the book will never become something obsolete and that it will accompany our afternoons or evenings with fairies, mysteries and adventures for many centuries.


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