Overwatch: Still a Good Game?

This article is sure to piss off a lot of people who won't agree with my opinion, and they are free to do so. For my part, however, this is what I think of the game that if I loved it at first, now I'm disappointed.

The reasons? Many.


Overwatch is a first-person shooter online video game.

Set in a hypothetical technologically advanced future, a worldwide security organization called "Overwatch" (hence the title) is reactivated and the agents who were once on duty are called back one by one to deal with the growing crisis of violence that is taking place in Worldwide.

Among the playable characters - divided into factions of healers, tanks and attackers - there are a variety of "heroes" each with a different characteristic who, during the games, can hinder enemies or assist allies. As for the game, there are various modes of competition to meet the demands of players who want more difficult challenges or those who want to face different types of fights. Also, during the year, Blizzard (the house that produced the game) releases updates both on the cast of characters you can use, and on the story on which the game is based.

Since the day of its release, the success of this game has truly skyrocketed.

The magazines have rewarded him in many ways and even received some very prestigious awards in the gaming field, not to mention all the money earned over time. In addition to the game itself, the cast of voice actors and concept artists who brought to life the extensive cast of characters must also be congratulated.


In short, a successful game, one cannot argue with it.

But if success has soared as fast as a rocket… at some point all the magic seems to be gone.

How come? Is it the fault of following him? Lack of interest?

A lot has actually happened.


Despite awards and successes, Overwatch hasn't been spared from different kinds of criticisms either.

At the beginning these were limited to bugs and errors in the system that made it difficult to play, which is absolutely normal for any online game, and which were gradually resolved with user reports. Problems that, in a nutshell, have passed quite quietly.

But even bigger inconveniences began to arise more and more, to the point of revealing somewhat questionable backgrounds, far more serious than a simple thumbs down or a "I don't like it".

I can't say when the decline started, I can only say that some had already begun to disinterest themselves in the game along the way (monotony of the game, gameplay changes, interest in other things, etc.), while others moved away after a series of serious scandals involving Blizzard amidst sexual harassment and discrimination.

“The ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard has exposed terrible and horrendous behavior that has occurred across multiple studios and offices. Many women have allegedly been sexually harassed, assaulted and psychologically traumatized while those in power at the companies involved have seemingly done little to stop or limit this behavior.

The lawsuit was filed on July 20 by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing after a years-long investigation revealed stories of multiple women who experienced daily harassment and abuse while working at Activision Blizzard.

Since it was filed, the aftermath has been manifold, with former and current employees stepping forward to share more stories of abuse, offering apologies to those hurt, or attempting to distance themselves from the whole affair. Developers and workers from other development studios have also started talking and sharing their thoughts and grief.”

[Activision-Blizzard scandal, here's everything that happened so far: https://game-experience.it/scandalo-activision-blizzard-ecco-tutto-quello-che-e-successo-finora/ ]

Such a fact has certainly had a lot of influence on the company... but not enough to stop it from continuing its business and relaunching its success, in particular with the sequel to the game: Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is, simply put, an updated version of its predecessor.

Aside from some graphics, combat, and rewards, the rest is pretty much the same as the first title. Someone will ask: if they are identical, why buy it? Well, according to experienced players it's a great success and playing it is an experience worth trying (and also, the first edition is no longer available online). Some of the new heroes are very popular and it seems that the novelties and changes to the fights are finally giving that taste of challenge that many users have been asking for for some time.

For now, the results of buyers are almost all positive and even the critics seem to agree… or at least, that's what appears on the surface.

With further research, we can find that the title is still far from being on the same level as its predecessor.

The imperfections, which apparently are no small matter, make many of the fans turn up their noses who, they assert, limit those hours of play by the right balance. One can turn a blind eye to some factor, but not to the point of fully justifying it.


Posing the title question: Is Overwatch still a good game?

The answer is "yea and nay".

From what I have seen, it is still enjoyed by many of its fans, but at the same time it has lost many in trying to accommodate the requests of all those who wanted a change. The fun is still there and there is no doubt that it still attracts attention. Of course, after all that Blizzard has faced, we'll just have to see what the future has in store for this title.



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