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Pokemon Scarlet… what a story!
Articles · 20. gennaio 2023
Yes, I'm a Pokemon fan and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And I write this article just to tell you how much I liked the last title.

Overwatch: Still a Good Game?
Articles · 08. gennaio 2023
In short, a successful game, one cannot argue with it. But if success has soared as fast as a rocket… at some point all the magic seems to be gone. How come? Is it the fault of following him? Lack of interest? A lot has actually happened.

Movies and nostalgia
Articles · 14. ottobre 2022
My generation grew up with games, comics and cartoons that, for one reason or another, remained important in our hearts even in adulthood. It was more of a pastime or an hour of relaxation away from homework, it was a sacred moment in which we could have fun and pretend to be ourselves inside those fantastic worlds.

Occhio all'artista: Otakuman
Occhio all'artista · 17. luglio 2022
Sono sempre stato un amante sfegatato dei videogames da quando ero piccolo e una parte di me voleva già condividere questa passione col mondo.

Remake and Reboot: is it always a good idea?
Articles · 15. gennaio 2021
What really determines the success of a remake / reboot? Classic million dollar question. In my opinion, it's a question of nostalgia and balanced innovation.