Remake and Reboot: is it always a good idea?

Days ago I happily chatted about this and that with my boyfriend when, at one point, we addressed the issue of remakes and reboots, asking each other what we thought. Personally, I believe that recreating a work from scratch is both a daring and a dangerous project.
I could define it as a minefield: if you put a foot wrong, the result can be explosive.

For those unfamiliar with the difference between the two words:
• Remake: it is the remaking of an already existing work, usually audiovisual fiction. The term applies in particular to movies, but can also be used for television series or video games.
• Reboot: in the context of fiction it indicates the abandonment of continuity in a series to recreate the characters and the sequence of the story from the beginning, with the total or partial rewriting of the events that occurred in the original saga.

I admit that reviewing a work in a new context arouses my curiosity, sometimes giving it a refresh is not too bad. But I am always careful about "how" this is revisited because I too, nostalgic; I find myself not accepting certain changes, like the character design or the script.
Those who hang out on blogs will have very often found lots of discussions (sometimes very heated) on something that has just been revisited.

What really determines the success of a remake / reboot?
Classic million dollar question. In my opinion, it's a question of nostalgia and balanced innovation.


Sometimes the negative reviews from the public can be understandable because that remake has distorted too much what was the fulcrum of the success of the original: you do not recognize the heroes you love, the story is strange, the emphasis you loved is missing.
At other times, however, it is the public itself that is wrong, especially when it involves abstruse reasons. I am not referring to personal tastes, but to senseless hate motivations.
“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” of 2018 immediately comes to mind as an example.
Having never seen the She-Ra cartoon, I didn't understand all the hatred and tried to find out why. Among the hot topics of the discussion, many people didn't like the new character design, especially the heroine one.
I thought: “Ok, the nostalgic ones were expecting a more mature style. It can fit. "
After a couple of comments, the real reason was that the princesses weren't as sexy as their 1985 counterparts.
I found it very ridiculous.
Doing a quick search, I found a gallery of images comparing the old and new cast of She-Ra and wow! Hats off to the concept artists! Recreating so many characters, giving each one its own characteristics and without making them look like a copy of the other is not that easy! So why be so ruthless?

Ok, here I speak as a stranger to the fandom and I pass people off as bad, and yes, surely the cartoon has many flaws ... but I find it unfair to question an element that works well in this case.

There are many remakes and reboots that, in my opinion; they worked great.
If I had to list them below, many people would contact me to tell me they disagree and I understand that, I'm fine with that. I am willing to address the issue to fill in the gaps that I may not see.


… And then there are the works that fail miserably in the remaking and in which everyone agrees.
Here we are talking about a complete fiasco that no one is willing to forgive or digest. How many times have we gone to the cinema attracted by the remaking of a work, only to leave disappointed. Or video games? There have recently been remakes of many major titles (such as Resident Evil: Nemesis) that have turned out to be incredible junk.
Where did they fail? In all, we could say: the choice of the cast, the distortion of the plot, lack of the highlights, an excess of unsolicited psychological elements ...
In short, it's hard to see something you loved being almost ridiculed.
Just to give an example, go find some discussion on the upcoming release of the Winx live-action series.

This world of remakes has its ups and downs… especially lows.
If we then take into account that this happens for a matter of money, it further saddens this already known awareness.
What to do then? Well, just hope some budding screenwriters are preparing to give back the just deserved luster to a nostalgic work.

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