A blog to learn about art under its thousand colors and shapes.


Welcome to "Tea, Cookies and Art", a simple and modest blog that aims to explore and talk about the many facets of the art world.

Because with "Art" we do not mean only drawings or painting; but also cinema, music and everything that allows a person to be able to physically represent their creativity. There are so many things to discover about this colorful world that it will be almost like an adventure, and I hope you readers will find the pleasure of exploring it with me.


"Tea, cookies and art" deals with writing and articles and composing videos, but to achieve these things you always need a means that allows them to be built.


The money that will be paid on this Kofi will be used for the purchase of technical material or to improve the quality of the work. Any kind of sum, even the smallest, will be of great help.


Thanks for the support

Read, discover and admire.


 "Tea, Cookies and Art" provides five services to make your visit more enjoyable. To access the listed pages, move the mouse icon to the "Blog" segment to open the drop-down menu. You can find:


  • Articles: Inevitable will be the shortcomings that are the backbone of a blog.
  • A hand to draw (una mano per disegnare): collection of tutorials and sites for those who need help material to draw something specific.
  • Eye to the artist: Page dedicated to the promotion of people who have made art their work, as well as lifestyle.
  • Logbook (only italian): more personal, they will be publications on my typical days, on my thoughts or on important things that have happened to me.
  • Edicola Ponto (Ponto bookstall): a collection of novels and comics created by freelance artist 


Other content may be added in the future if the situation makes it necessary.

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing

(Walt Disney)

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