Pokemon Scarlet… what a story!

Yes, I'm a Pokemon fan and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

And I write this article just to tell you how much I liked the last title.


I won't stop to explain in detail what Pokemon are because I think that everyone, good or bad, knows what these critters that transform and fight each other are. Instead, I'll explain; in short, what has been the main mechanic of video games until now: the player's main objective was to complete the collection of 100 species, defeat the strongest trainers and become the champion of their region.

The player moves in a vast map dotted with cities, seas and mountains with long routes, they will learn both from important characters and NPCs (non-playing characters) tips and tricks to make their Pokemon the strongest in the world and how to catch the rarest of them.

From its first release back in 1996 to today, Game Freak has rolled up its sleeves to try to transform each edition into an unforgettable experience not only with the addition of new creatures and new worlds, but also from a plot point of view , an inevitable cornerstone in any video game.

In the first titles (red, blue and yellow), actually the plot was not so dynamic compared to the current titles… but for us veterans who lived it, it was really epic: the player was faced with and stop the shady plans of the criminal organization called Team Rocket, which even manages to occupy an entire city with the aim of getting rich and gaining power over the entire community. The Rockets are anything but simple criminals (they are literally the mafia) and even go so far as to desecrate a cemetery and mistreat a poor old man without scruples.

Villains aside, a simple and straightforward plot was enough for us at the time.

We didn't need anything else to enjoy ourselves.

But with every Pokemon game that came out, we began to have a growing expectation of a story that engaged us as well as a competitive challenge.


Pokemon Scarlet / Violet for me has managed to restore luster to this element which, personally, it seemed to me that it had been neglected in the last four generations.


For some reason, in recent editions I had felt a lack of commitment and originality in the stories that have characterized the games.

Despite Game Freak's captivating presentations prior to their release, once purchased the game often expectations have not been what I imagined, apart from a few elements worthy of note.

I'll be blunt: the latest Pokemon storylines have been far from memorable.

For a person like me, who cares so much about a well-structured story; this is a big minus. Yes, in part this is influenced by my gamer fussiness… but the criticism is also moved by all that plot potential that has been removed from the final product, which I have documented over the years. An example of this point we have with Pokemon X and Y.

This title isn't bad.

In fact, it's not even among the worst on my personal list... yet I noticed that in the story (especially when it comes to confronting the classic bad team of the situation) there are plot holes and parts without logical explanation. In short, there were some things that didn't add up to me and some time later I discovered that these parts have been modified, or others have been removed.

I am attaching the link to the video analysis of Pokemon Millenium which explains step by step what happened to what could have been a fantastic storyline:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooeEuRSohJE


So let's get to Pokemon Scarlet: what made me love it?

Scarlet/Violet got off to a bad start with its slew of bugs and the constant criticism from buyers certainly doesn't make me want to try it. I'm glad I changed my mind and took it (actually it was gifted to me). Not only was I lucky enough to have fun and not run into any bugs, but I also had the pleasure of having to navigate three, and I mean THREE, adventures at the same time! And I don't even mean side-quests, but really important stories in which you, the player, have to roll up your sleeves to properly train your team and explore very large natural areas. Such a novelty was enlightening for me.

I played the three adventures at the same time and in each one I experienced funny and even touching moments, I was speechless in the highlights and the ending…. Oh man, the ending had me holding my breath the entire time. I wish I could give spoilers but that would be unfair.

Bottom Line: It was a blast.

Finally a proper story!

Perhaps inserting three stories was a ploy to fill the absence of some aspects of the game, but honestly I feel less after the one I've seen, or better… played.

This time Game Freak has really done a fantastic job and if in the future they want to incorporate more elements, perhaps taken from the predecessor Pokemon Arceus, then I can only expect a sort of masterpiece. At least I hope.


Scarlet and Violet is a game that still divides fans' opinions today. There are those who consider it a disappointment and those who have been enraptured like me. After the titles of Sword and Shield and Arceus, a lot is expected from the company, especially on gameplay and adventure factors and we try to imagine to what extent it can still evolve, just like its creatures.

For me it was almost a return to the past, which rekindled a spark of passion that I thought I had lost over time.

Could this be the beginning of an adventure series with the most exciting and breathtaking stories? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I'm crossing my fingers.

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