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Pokemon Scarlet… what a story!
Articles · 20. gennaio 2023
Yes, I'm a Pokemon fan and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And I write this article just to tell you how much I liked the last title.

Job scams
Articles · 07. ottobre 2022
I want to tell you about a surreal experience that happened to me at the beginning of September. That is the time when I almost risked ending up working for one of those places that do door-to-door sales service.

That time Ponto worked
Articles · 01. ottobre 2022
This summer Iworked for the first time. Unlike my freelance job, which allows me to stay at home as long as I want and at the computer as many hours as I deem necessary, in July and August I was hired by a third party for something completely different.

Ponto's travels in… Florence (Part 1)
Articles · 06. maggio 2022
I take this column out of the drawer both because I like it in general and because I want to tell something about myself without feeling embarrassed. Strange thing to say since I'm writing this on a piece of digital paper, but I'm like that, what can I do?

What is the Vent art
Articles · 30. aprile 2022
Vent art is not an artistic current, but an expression to indicate the kind of drawings that represent the emotional state of the artist, in this case negative emotions dictated by sadness or anger.

Ponto's travels in… Siena
Articles · 17. ottobre 2021
Actually I don't travel a lot, but I wanted to write something new and different, a kind of column about the places I visit (or have visited) in my life. It won't be a very large column, but I hope you like it.

The first year
Articles · 12. settembre 2021
The first article published on this blog dates back to 11 September 2020. Honestly, I didn't think I would be able to carry this site forward for so long with all the doubts and uncertainties that sometimes plague me.

Oh my summer
Articles · 04. luglio 2021
Summer! My favorite season! Since I was a child it has been so important to me because it represented the end of school, the arrival of my birthday, holidays and many other things that today, even if I continue to do them; they have the taste of nostalgia.

Advertising: what a tension!
Articles · 17. aprile 2021
This article is also a bit of a "personal diary", but I share it openly because I believe I am not the only one with this problem. Advertising.