Oh my summer


Summer! My favorite season!

Since I was a child it has been so important to me because it represented the end of school, the arrival of my birthday, holidays and many other things that today, even if I continue to do them; they have the taste of nostalgia.

Perhaps what I love most is that particular blue that colors the sky all day and that looking at it puts me in a good mood. For me it is not the heat or its official date that announces the start of the season: it is the cicadas that sing in full breath, the smell of summer flowers and the sea breeze in the evening.


Seeing people swimming fills me with envy. The desire to throw myself into the waters immediately grows in me and bask on a dinghy while the current swings me, thus defeating that terrible city heat that burns you mercilessly.



When I am under the umbrella I always look at what other people are doing: children play, the elderly do crossword puzzles, adults with soaking legs that talk to each other ... each in it own small way does something. When I lay my eye on the bars and beaches, crowded with teens looking for refreshment or a quick chat, I am reminded of when it was time to get an ice cream with my sister and there was plenty of choice.

There is one place in particular where we used to go (and whose name I never remember), which I loved because the only bar there was equipped with a juke-box with all the hits of the 90s, early 2000s.

At sunset, however, the energy of the day drops and you feel it: everyone is more sleepy and can't wait to rest in bed after a good dinner. And if it's too hot, a walk along the seaside immediately solves the problem… summer evenings have even more charm when you are in sweet company to admire the moon or the shooting stars.


There may also be discos to act as a stimulus, but for me it is not the same thing.

Too much confusion and too many people is not fun for me.


I am a simple type, unlike many peers I do not like going around clubs, drinking alcohol or staying up late at all. For me, the perfect summer evening is a dinner out with my family or my boyfriend, looking for shooting stars to make wishes or going to the amusement park or even sitting on the beach to converse while the black sea of the night brings coolness.


For me this is happiness.

I would not trade it for anything in the world in order to be like the others.

By the way, why should I change what makes me happy?

In the end, what matters is being able to rest after a year of intense work and stress.

Everyone spends the summer in their own way, whether alone or with someone and whether the chosen place is up to the situation. Sea, mountains, amusement parks… it makes no difference. If you like it, that's fine.


Being born in the South, I can handle the heat quite well.

Having then had in front of me the panorama of Stretto for my whole life, it always gives me joy to see the crystalline surface of the sea.


Ok, there is also the mountain and there too there would be a lot of positive to say ... but the saltiness flows in my blood and as far as I can go away, the link with my sea can never be severed.


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