Advertising: what a tension!

This article is also a bit of a "personal diary", but I share it openly because I believe I am not the only one with this problem.

With this word we are reminded of that pain in the ass in the form of a sketch that every 2 minutes interrupts us from watching a movie or whatever else we were seeing on TV. As nice as the mosquitoes that buzz in your ears at night, we tend to ignore it 99% of the time, while the remaining 1% is represented by what little material we really care about. But as much as I can complain about it, I can't deny that advertising is indispensable.
Myself, who run a blog and create commissioned drawings, should know this well.
Between articles, tweets and previews about my work, I try to attract the attention of people who are interested in the theme of art and simplicity and I am happy when they crosses the path of my work, which should motivate me to produce much more content and (consequently) to make me much more propaganda.



 But can I admit that this scares me?

That is, not in the sense of receiving too much attention ... but of being too pressing as a presence.



Ok, I know it's stupid to have certain thoughts when managing a product, on the other hand, however, I can't help but worry about becoming like this: pedantic and boring.
I would like that from a single announcement of new commissions or blog news people would intervene of their own free will and trigger word of mouth to make my product known, as happens in actual marketing. That way I wouldn't have to remind customers that I am offering a service.
Here's what I would like, spontaneity.
I often see the advertisements of fellow artists and it seems to me that it is easy for them to succeed in this intent ... maybe I look at this with naivety, but I do not deny that I want to be more serene in trying to show myself off. Because as they say: advertising is the soul of commerce.
In short, I do not even have the courage to ask an opinion from those who could give me the right advice.

I always think about what I could propose that is beautiful and interesting, and maybe at the same time that it also helps others as I am already doing with "Eye to the artist" and "The clearing of words", the only hazards I wanted to take for the blog. But the rest ... what still flashes in my head in the form of castles in the air ... I don't know if it will ever see the light.
But what is it that really attracts people?
The beautiful presence? The witty words? Pictures? The way it presents itself to us?
Often an original idea is the key to success, like a comic or a story. But is it really just that, or is there more behind it?
I do not deny that I have sometimes been tempted to copy other people's ideas and hope that they also work with me, but being an honest person I will never stoop that much.

I have to stop lingering, I have to try.


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