Goodbye to Cartoon Network? Not really

A big News is upsetting the world of animation and its fans these days: Cartoon Network, the well-known cartoon production house, has decided to close its studies.

Or rather, it is not yet clear.

It all started with a tweet on the official page where the company logo appeared with the date of birth and death (apparent) of it. A shock to the followers. Could it be that the channel has broadcast so many iconic cartoons such as Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog and the Powerpuff Girls decided it was time to retire? According to some rumors, which confirmed big problems with the staff, there was therefore no need to doubt this news.

Instead, despite the traffic that broke out, the closure is still a long way off, as the news resulted in a soap bubble. A fake news.


I could close the article here, since the information does not go further.

But let's analyze the matter for a moment, as if this fact were real.


Cartoon Network is a television network created by Turner Broadcasting and specializing in cartoons. The American channel started broadcasting on October 1, 1992. Inside there are several channels that broadcast different contents for different age groups, ranging from American cartoons, Japanese anime and even sitcoms with real actors.

With such a proposal, it is no wonder that it has a very high share.

As mentioned before, some of the most iconic cartoons have come out of this company, some of which have been taken over time even for a more adult audience such as Scooby-Doo or the aforementioned Samurai Jack, which has been recovered for the Adult Swim channel, with a season that officially ends the story.

With these premises, seeing it close would really be a "scandal".

But how could such an important place be able to close?

Yet, no matter how many awards it has obtained and the countless fans following it, many problems are hidden behind that black and white writing. It is not so strange that a large company has to face internal dilemmas, but in recent months there has been a lot of news and criticism related to mass layoffs and large losses of money that have strained its reputation, not to mention how the entertainers are often mistreated. Such a bad habit certainly does not go unnoticed by the most attentive people. Whatever problem there is, the loss of such an important television station would be catastrophic especially for those who have worked in it for years.

And if it closed, what would happen to all those shows that are still broadcasting and, consequently, enjoying success?

The most likely case is that the whole shack would be bought by another company, like Disney did. Come to think of it, it wouldn't surprise me if the mouse company tried… it would be the deal of the century.


For now, the danger is averted.

Cartoon Network has announced that there are big news on the way, which we do not know exactly yet. We just know that we will all be very careful in the coming months to see if this channel has any surprises in store for us.

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