"Occhio all'artista" doubles! Here is the English version!

I announced it and now it has come true! The "Occhio all'artista" section has its own double to promote foreign artists!

As in Italy, also in the rest of the world there are many small artists who, unfortunately, are hidden by the shadow of "celebrities" in the field of digital art. Just as I am trying to make the skills of my Italian colleagues known to the world, I want to do the same for those who are in the rest of the globe.

And believe me ... there are so many that are ignored.

To inaugurate the new section, I chose to interview an artist with an original and imaginative style: her name is NMZuka! Her interview is already available on the blog, just click on the "Look this Artist" page: https://www.tebiscottiearte.com/2021/11/03/look-this-artist-nmzuka/



it's incredible how many good people are ignored because of the internet algorithms. Perhaps my contribution will not change the world, but I will continue to bring my project so that the little artists have their moment of glory too.

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