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Look this artist expands! Not just artists!
Articles · 15. maggio 2022
So far I have interviewed a lot of artists specialized in drawing ... but art, as you well know, does not stop only with pencils or digital tablets, but also with writing, animation, music. Therefore, I have decided to expand the showcase also for those who are experts in other sectors.

"Occhio all'artista" doubles! Here is the English version!
Articles · 03. novembre 2021
I announced it and now it has come true! The "Occhio all'artista" section has its own double to promote foreign artists!

Artists Beware
Articles · 30. marzo 2021
Commissions never paid, drawings never delivered, bogus disputes… these are just a few examples of the reasons behind the countless scams that take place every day on art platforms.

Ponto Bookstall and The clearing of words!!
Articles · 08. marzo 2021
"La Clearing of Words" is the new column dedicated to the creators of FanFiction and Original Literary Works. It intends to promote writers and their works through podcasts that I narrate from time to time.

Articles · 24. novembre 2020
Right from the start I wanted to set up a space that would highlight fellow artists and their works, and with the hope that this will increase their business.