Look this Artist: NMZuka

   Stage name: NMZuka or Zuka

    Provenance: Canada but now living in the USA


    How did you start your career as an artist? Im more of a

    hobbiest artist but I’ve been drawing since I was very little. I

    mostly drew animals and dinosaurs/dragons. I think I really

    got serious about a passion for drawing in like 9th grade in

    highschool because I had a really good an inspiring teacher


    What was your source of inspiration?

I    think a general love for monsters/creatures was a big

   inspiration. You know if I want to see them I have to draw

    them. The show Total Drama was also a huge inspiration and

    am sure its evident in my style. It was something I drew a

    LOT of fanwork for back in the day and it slowly bled into

     being the base of my style at least when drawing people. I also would say my wife/partner was a big inspiration in getting me to draw more. We talked so much about story concepts and ideas it made me want to draw them and draw more all the time


         As an artist, how would you define yourself? Thats a good question haha Im not really sure… as an artist I draw for myself but also because I want to share the thoughts and ideas in my head and if I do that well have other people feel the things I feel from the things I draw. I do kinda hope my art inspires others to create more



·        A tip to give to other aspiring artists: find something you like and just draw it all the time lol. It can be something original or fanwork or even a specific character or ship or something but just find something you are passionate for and draw it a lot! Its the best way to get better. Also don’t be afraid to experiment with styles like trying to draw in the style of different shows it can help you develop your own or help you figure out a way to draw something you may have struggled with before

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