Look this artist expands! Not just artists!

Dear Friends! Today I am pleased to announce a new extension for the "Look this Artist" section! So far I have interviewed a lot of artists specialized in drawing ... but art, as you well know, does not stop only with pencils or digital tablets, but also with writing, animation, music. Therefore, I have decided to expand the showcase also for those who are experts in other sectors.



To kick off this new initiative, for the month of May there is a new interview with a newcomer writer who caught my attention with her fascinating words and stories: the writer Aurora D'Alessandro, whose presentation you can already find it on the page of "Occhio all'artista"


Obviously, as a consequence of the presentation of a new type of artist, there is also the opening of a new section. Since we are dealing with a writer, I opened a new page called "L'edicola dei biscottini" (provisional name that I intend to change), where there will be direct links to the digital libraries of the writers' works and, if available, also their Amazon profiles in case these are also for sale.


Both sections will have their English counterpart when non-Italian people are interviewed.


I hope this news will please you and allow new people to get noticed. If you like the idea, then go and meet the guest of the month and also browse through his works.

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