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An adoption of love
Articles · 18. giugno 2021
These poor beasts have no justified reason to be left to die on the side of a road or worse… they just had the misfortune of having had heartless masters.

A little ode to something I like
Articles · 09. maggio 2021
I want to dedicate this space to the good and positive side of fandom, in particular to one in which I still find myself particularly well even if by now not very active.

Mom is a special person.
Articles · 09. maggio 2021
Mom is a special person. Ever since she gives birth to us she has been busy taking care of us like the mother hen with her own chicks, protecting us from the world from under her wings and teaching us to know it until we get old enough to face it alone.

The delight of writing.
Articles · 25. aprile 2021
But who is it that writes? What kind of people are they who take pen and paper and build a text? They are the professors, the poets, the lovers, the scientists… different people, with different interests. No matter what you follow or study, the pleasure of writing it down is what matters.

One shot is forever
Articles · 28. marzo 2021
We all have a collection of photos in our house.

The art of.... San Valentine
Articles · 14. febbraio 2021
"Love is knowing everything about someone, and having the desire to still be with him more than with any other person," said a certain Albert Einstein.