The art of.... San Valentine


Ah! Love!
What a sweet feeling that is!
It makes us more tender, it makes us feel like we have wings on our feet, it sweetens us like honey… in short, it is a special feeling.
What could we say about love?
There are so many aspects that I don't even know where to start: there is poetry, philosophy, religion… forms and expressions in which someone has tried to shape or explain what it actually is.
One thing is certain: it is not possible to live in a world without love.
“Love is when you can't sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” - Dr Seuss.

And obviously there could not be a theme party, namely Valentine's Day.


I consider myself a romantic one, I love cuddling and being courted by my boyfriend, therefore Valentine's Day should be my favorite holiday.

But no, because over the years I have re-evaluated it from many points of view, and considering that when I am with him love overflows from all sides, practically it is as if the party took place every day.
Meanwhile, the other couples are already starting to plan surprises and gifts, to stock up on chocolates and bouquets of flowers and so on. Wandering through the shops you will find red and pink decorations everywhere, heart-shaped prints are hung everywhere and there are also advertising photos of couples intent on flirting or simply being lovebirds. I'll tell you, apart from the chocolate I find everything else very mushy. Certain things, if served up by others; do not entice me to do them with my better half.
The business of this holiday is no different than Christmas or Halloween. Many rely on the patron saint of the feast, hoping that their relationship will be long and lasting.

But what is love?
This emotion is often presented to us in simple shapes such as a large red heart, or more detailed figures like winged cherubs who shoot arrows at mortals to make them fall in love with each other.




In the classical arts, we have a real inflation of heartthrob angels and beautiful girls who abandon themselves in the arms of handsome boys with a romantic gaze, there are even divinities who according to legends had the task of spreading the word among mortals; often placed on pastel-colored backgrounds and surrounded by wreaths of flowers.
But here we are talking about allegories, the most "obvious" forms of how love is seen.
Over time, artists of various eras have been able to represent in their brushstrokes of color or with their abstruse imagination this impulse that is not the same for everyone. Even when the subject seems too bizarre, it is possible to perceive exactly the intended meaning behind it.



Love, however, is not only man and woman.
It is also in the family, in oneself and with friends.
Thinkers and philosophers have written records of it.
In Ancient Greece, love was divided into philia, eros, agape, storge and xenia. Each represents a type of love: the virtuous one, the carnal one, that soul and so on. From here it is clear that it is not a one-way feeling, linked only between man and woman; and it never should be. Because this is precisely its beauty: love can be shared with anyone and bring good on both sides.
Curiously, science is also involved in this world.
How does something so poetic deal with science?
Obviously with brain studies, chemical analyzes produced by our body, psychological studies ... in short, all those means that serve to give a logic to history. In my opinion, however correct or not science may be, love cannot be explained and limited to such rigid and cold matters.
"Love is knowing everything about someone, and having the desire to still be with him more than with any other person," said a certain Albert Einstein.


Let's not talk about cinema and books!
Love stories are always followed closely and "claim victims" more than you can imagine.
In reality, I've never watched anything about themed films and books and I don't remember anything that has stuck with me; also because unfortunately I often find myself in front of the usual mushy story of him / her who falls in love with the other but cannot because there is this situation and blablabla. Different dishes, but topped with the same soup. Yet I wouldn't mind watching something that softens me, for once.

Nowadays it seems to me that love is very underrated.
We are forgetting that "love" is complicity, the simplicity of the days, the adventure in an ordinary walk, that there is no need for great things to feed that beautiful fire that burns in the heart of those who love each other.
Let's prevent this beautiful feeling from falling into banality.

Because it's always nice when love triumphs.


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