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Mom is a special person.
Articles · 09. maggio 2021
Mom is a special person. Ever since she gives birth to us she has been busy taking care of us like the mother hen with her own chicks, protecting us from the world from under her wings and teaching us to know it until we get old enough to face it alone.

The art of.... San Valentine
Articles · 14. febbraio 2021
"Love is knowing everything about someone, and having the desire to still be with him more than with any other person," said a certain Albert Einstein.

Starting from scratch
Articles · 02. gennaio 2021
So: we start from scratch. In some ways, making a clean sweep is good. Especially to chase away the old year negativity.

Articles · 24. novembre 2020
Many things come to mind when this month arrives: the mild climate, the yellow and red leaves, the chestnuts to be roasted on the fire… but for most people, this month represents one thing.