An adoption of love

It is estimated that an average of 80,000 cats and 50,000 dogs are abandoned every year in Italy, more than 80% of which are at risk of dying in accidents, hardship or mistreatment.

Unfortunately, this serious crime increases with the beginning of the summer.

These poor beasts have no justified reason to be left to die on the side of a road or worse… they just had the misfortune of having had heartless masters. Many people, when they bring an animal into the house, do it without taking into consideration the commitment that follows to look after it and attribute to the puppy the same as that of a toy.

This situation does not only involve dogs and cats, other species also suffer the same fate: budgies, turtles, hamsters ... you will be surprised to find out how many animals are thrown away as garbage.


Fortunately, saving them is possible.

Every year a lot of associations in Italy work hard to save our furry friends from death. The volunteers who manage these places are many and everyone rolls up their sleeves to treat and restore joy to these creatures. They are men, women, boys and the elderly ... people of different ages but united by a common love for animals. They feed them, take them to the vet, find them a new home where they can finally be happy.

It is not an easy job because they sacrifice time and health, nevertheless they carry on with a lot of determination; they know that it is right to do so and that no one else would put themselves on the line in the same way. They are literally guardian angels of animals.

There are many non-profit organizations in Italy that welcome strays into their structures every day, both to save them from the streets and from man's wickedness.

Their messages about asking for their guests to be adopted can be found every day on their blogs, announcements that sadly sometimes get lost in the useless gossip or disinformation posts. Very often years go by before a dog or cat is adopted, and when it happens it's literally a party because the foundling has finally found a family that wants to love them.

Anyone who follows me for my scribbles will know that my sister and I adopted two cats in November who are the joy of home: Mochi and Pato.

Their adoption was special because the Zampe Felici non-profit organization in Puglia specifically asked that the two siblings be adopted together, as dividing them would have been traumatic for them. Taking a single animal is already a great effort ... imagine two! But we did it and now nothing can divide them anymore, except maybe the food.


To conclude, To conclude, getting an animal is a big commitment.

It is not a game, a decoration or a "disposable" object. It is a creature who loves and should be loved, who fills loneliness and comforts you in sadness, capable of being funny when you least expect it and courageous when it sees you in danger. It will be your guardian during the night, the brat who will try to steal your food when you are distracted, the tireless walking companion and the blanket that will warm you in the winter.

It asks a lot and will give you a lot back.

If you want to have a friend like that, then adopt. Don't buy, adopt.

Because it is right and because you will save a life

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