The delight of writing.

 Writing is… I don't even know what word to use to say how special it is. For me, who do it almost every day, it's almost like a drug: it gives me pleasure, relaxes me and amuses me. Everyone can write, but being able to compose the words in the right way so as to create something beautiful that can be read and appreciated by others is a privilege for a few.

But who is it that writes?
What kind of people are they who take pen and paper and build a text?
They are the professors, the poets, the lovers, the scientists… different people, with different interests. No matter what you follow or study, the pleasure of writing it down is what matters.
Writing is one of the most important legacies that our ancestors left us, one of the many branches of culture that have gradually allowed the defeat of ignorance. It is the oldest form of communication, those who have studied Linguistics will know well how deep its development has been from civilization to civilization: once an advantage for a few, now within everyone's reach.
It seems a foregone conclusion that we are capable of possessing this ability in this technological millennium, but this is not the case at all. Unfortunately still today, especially in the poorest countries; this right is denied because it can be the key to freedom for the weak and the weapon of destruction for the wicked.


Communicating with writing is simple and its content can be modified according to the target of readers to whom you want to address: there are those who write to give news, those to make known a scientific discovery, or those who instead want to give the emotion of a story.
From this last point of view, we all know how much publishing is rich in various novels and short stories, as well as essays on modern history and culture.
In fact, at some point writing was no longer linked to the exclusive scholastic reason, some individuals began to collect the oral stories of poor people to turn them into collections that could be spread around the world as did the well-known Grimm brothers. In this way, fairy tales from every country could be shared across the globe from generation to generation (undergoing various changes, however).



 Why we write?

This question is as important as its answer.
There is not a single correct way to explain it, many have contextualized the answer in their own way and in some of these it can be reflected:

Writing is always hiding something so that it is later discovered.
(Italo Calvino)

There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never know where they will take you.
(Beatrix Potter)

Better to write for yourself and not have an audience, than to write for the public and not have yourself.
(Cyril Connolly)

If you want to be a writer, there are two basic exercises: reading and writing a lot. I don't know any tricks to get around these realities, I don't know any shortcuts.
(Stephen King)

Got the beauty?
Writing is probably something that will never go out of style. And it's better this way. How could we give it up after all?

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