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That time Ponto worked
Articles · 01. ottobre 2022
This summer Iworked for the first time. Unlike my freelance job, which allows me to stay at home as long as I want and at the computer as many hours as I deem necessary, in July and August I was hired by a third party for something completely different.

Envy is a very ugly beast.
Articles · 17. settembre 2021
"I'm not jealous. I am envious. Jealousy is the fear that someone will take what you have, envy is wanting what another has. What I feel is envy. " He explained to us the great man who was Homer Simpson with surprising precision. And he was right.

The delight of writing.
Articles · 25. aprile 2021
But who is it that writes? What kind of people are they who take pen and paper and build a text? They are the professors, the poets, the lovers, the scientists… different people, with different interests. No matter what you follow or study, the pleasure of writing it down is what matters.

Articles · 28. novembre 2020
"From the eyes of women I derive my doctrine: they still shine with the true fire of Prometheus, they are the books, the arts, the academies, which show, contain and nourish the world." (William Shakespeare)
Articles · 26. novembre 2020
Alda Merini said: "And nevertheless I believe that from all this darkness I will find a way out."