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The art of... Carnival
Articles · 12. febbraio 2022
Carnival is a party that I have always liked and that I miss being able to participate as when I was little.

Tea garden Party - end of the years video blog
Articles · 28. dicembre 2021
The story behind the making of this video is simple. First of all, why did I want to embark on a project where I have no skills? Towards the end of November I was pondering who I could interview for the month of December, being undecided about some candidates. At one point I said to myself: "what if I prepare something different instead?"

Schools of comics, are they really good?
Articles · 14. novembre 2021
School, as we know, is the place where a culture is made. From elementary to high school, the state tries to teach young people the history of the country and the world using various subjects such as language, economics and so on.

Dance as you like - a little introduction
Articles · 30. maggio 2021
There has been a lot of news recently regarding the world of dance.