Dance as you like - a little introduction


There has been a lot of news recently regarding the world of dance.

Just to give an example, April 29 was the World Day of Dance and recently the star Carla Fracci passed away.
In my family I only know one of my aunts who danced as a pastime… but I don't think anyone else, whether it was as a hobby or as an exercise; have we ever practiced it seriously (I'll have to ask).

We are more predisposed to playing music, singing or drawing as artistic skills… but this does not mean that we are not fascinated by this talent. Of course, to dance it takes a lot of effort: if in other disciplines one tends to develop only one part of the body, here instead it is all that is trained. Arms, legs, torso ... nothing should be overlooked, each limb must melt and be flowing.

Dancing is one of those social disciplines that are often offered to mothers to encourage their children to socialize or as a first step to start an exercise for physical development. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I was never interested in this practice as a child. Both because I didn't feel like it, and because I was too ashamed to let others see me (in fact, I move as if I had a pole in my ass). Now, however, as an adult; I would have liked to have known at least the basics.



I like how dance differs from genre to genre, so everyone can find their own style and be able to express themselves easily. It's not just about staying in time with the music, it's the movement itself that mesmerizes you.
I can't tell if there is a dance style I don't like.
Okay, maybe a little bit bizarre I happened to see it and to remain perplexed for a moment ... but this does not mean that the rest is not spectacular: the pirouettes, the couple affinity, the splits ... it is not child's play to be able to do certain things. Let's not forget that some dance moves have even become legendary like Michael Jackson's "Moonwalk".

And then there are the group dances (which I would dare to say almost historical) that are always offered for birthday parties, New Years and company; dances in which one moves in unison following the same movements such as the "Macarena", "Mueve la Colita" or "El Pampa". I'm surprised to find that these dances still exist, considering they were already old when I was little. I said earlier that dance styles are great, but it's just as good when you can dance freely without following a pattern.
Being able to go wild on the dance floor is a lot of fun, especially when you manage to drag other people along with you.
At that moment you don't worry more if you are moving badly than someone else or people stare at you so randomly, you are immersed in a state of pure fun so deep that you don't care about the rest of the world anymore.

If I could, once the pandemic officially ended, I would gather all my friends and relatives to dance together without being afraid of infecting each other.


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