What is the Vent art

Vent art is not an artistic current, but an expression to indicate the kind of drawings that represent the emotional state of the artist, in this case negative emotions dictated by sadness or anger.

People represent themselves in their worst moment of weakness, sometimes with a simple and realistic face in tears, others instead in a more metaphorical way such as, for example, hundreds of arrows piercing their bleeding hearts. Strong images, of course. As much as their pain.


Just as some individuals need physical activity to release tension, others are able to free themselves from the burden of negativity through art. The same goes for when you need to communicate. Not everyone is able to put into words their discomfort: it is easier to lie and say that you are fine and pretend that it really is, rather than honestly your feelings. It is the most arduous undertaking in the world and it becomes even more difficult when one has the impression of being reprimanded for our weakness.

A pencil can become a very strong ally and easily transforms into that willpower that is lacking when one would like to express oneself with the voice. You do your best to model tangled thoughts with colors and shapes, being able to visually represent it is the only technique capable of overcoming the otherwise insurmountable obstacle.

This is a technique that psychologists use very often to help patients shape their thoughts so that they can better analyze and deal with them. Even if the problem does not become truly physical, it is easier to see and fight it, like a map that guides us to the exit of a maze. This practice in particular is used towards children since, unlike adults, it is fear that blocks them from confiding in each other.


Even the masters of the past have used this method to tell the world about their despair or let off steam.

Even if they cannot be defined as Vent Art, we know for sure that they too felt the need to express with art what saddened them. Works of art that very often manage to touch and move us, because we understand that same pain.

It happens that someone publishes their work on the internet, often to seek comparison with other people who have had similar backgrounds or to raise awareness.

The idea is also good, but not everyone agrees.

Since the artist has the free choice to show their demons, someone on the contrary might feel uncomfortable in being in front of such strong and anything but cheerful scenes. Many think that these works should remain in the private galleries of those who create them, thus avoiding unleashing unpleasant setbacks in the most sensitive subjects.

This is a choice that belongs to the artist, even if I doubt that they cares if anyone feels "offended" by what they has created.

If they is still attacked by unhappiness, they will have more important things to think about. Only when they are free from the burden, they will finally be able to transform their gray works into riots of colors that will shout the newly found happiness to the world.

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