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Recently there was World Mental Health Day.


In a bad year like this, events of this magnitude become more necessary than ever for those people who, even outside of times of crisis, suffer from unbalanced mental health.

Unfortunately, in an era as developed as ours, the true meaning behind this problem has not yet been understood.

By "mental health", we do not refer to someone who is acting crazy (as many surely think!), But to a condition in which a person needs help because its mind is not functioning properly.

This assumption, even if it mainly concerns subjects suffering from schizophrenic disorders or mental retardation, also involves aspects caused by depression, anorexia, stress and substance abuse. Unfortunately, there are many ways to harm a person's mind.



And regarding these latter points, it pains me to say, the stigma of an ignorant society tends to be much more evil.


Someone who is born with seasonal mental health can (barely) be justified, but not someone who is suffering from it from an external cause.

It happens very often that individuals who are suffering from depression, for example, are not fully understood and their condition is minimized: "it's just a moment, it will pass", "you are exaggerating, you are not so bad". Well, that's wrong! We must understand that the issue is serious regardless of what the problem is, and intervene immediately so as to prevent the problem from getting worse! Everyone can be victims: men and women, children and adolescents, young and old ... any age group and social class is involved.

It is equally serious, according to some studies, to find that young people are experiencing increased mental stress.

The increase in stress among young people is a symptom of a very serious problem, unfortunately linked to many factors.

In particular, in today's society young people grow up, or are raised, with the idea of having to do great things in their lives and never stop in order not to risk being left behind. In this regard, unfortunately, the conviction has been instilled that if an important milestone is not reached within a certain age, one automatically becomes a failure ... but this is only the tip of the iceberg of a much bigger and deeper situation.



This problem then risks branching out and touching other aspects of a person's life, affecting them negatively.


As already mentioned, the causes of stress can be many: sometimes the family can be the triggering cause (overly apprehensive parents or bereavement), or an unhappy relationship or perhaps the uncertainty of a future that is not yet clear. Not knowing how to process and deal with the dilemma, the kids feel trapped and see no solutions.


What to do then?






Don't leave those who need a hand alone.

It is important to act immediately, helping them to clarify their thoughts.

If you find someone in trouble, or you yourself are, the first step to getting happy is to talk to someone (a psychologist in this case) to help get your mind back on track. It is difficult, but I assure you that as soon as you take the courage to act for your own good, the rest of the road to happiness will no longer be so difficult to walk. And then there are also other methods that can help you: sleep, socialize, do something creative ... for each of us there is the right cure and finding it is easier than it seems.

Even a change in one's lifestyle could prove to be the winning weapon to defeat stress once and for all, often eating healthy or taking a good walk is more effective than medicine.


Alda Merini said: "And nevertheless I believe that from all this darkness I will find a way out."


So don't give up, the light comes for everyone.


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