We help each other

“Eye to the Artist” was the first special subsection of the blog that I immediately thought of during the design.


Right from the start I wanted to set up a space that would highlight fellow artists and their works, and with the hope that this will increase their business.
The main problem for a freelance artist, if they are not working for someone or already behind a big project; is hard to get noticed. You can be the best in the world, but without an adequately large audience, you will always remain in the shadows. Having followers is important, because it is thanks to them that you get visibility, and with their word of mouth it is also possible to increase the chances of receiving job requests for small or large commissions.
I've been on the tour long enough to confirm that.

So my hope is to be able to help the colleagues.

In addition to this section, which will host short interviews about them, I have also created the page “Artists ready to work for you”.
Above, instead, I will collect the data of the artists' commissions: you will find the links of the most active galleries, what they accept and what they refuse to draw, the price range and some of their example works.
If you are looking for a good artist and you want to know how he works and how much to spend, this is the right place for you. Always keep an eye on him and remember to support your favorite artist.

Last note!

If you have an artist friend who needs visibility, send me his/her contact at: claudiaponto@outlook.it

Together we will help them!

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