The Art of... Mystery


This word is used for anything or situation that cannot be given a logical explanation: lights in the sky, people who have disappeared into thin air, strange sightings of non-human creatures. Perhaps at times it is too abused and risks turning something normal, or very serious, into a television phenomenon.

Many are afraid of what has no explanation… but just as many are those who, instead; they are fascinated by it.


Why are you attracted to the Mystery?


This is a good question and I think the answer varies from person to person.

Perhaps it attracts us because it may have a background of magic or alien, or because you want to give a logical explanation to an irrational situation. Who knows?

However, we know for sure that many profit from it (just see all those programs on television) and few instead analyze the subject in its various facets in search of rationality.

Mysteries can be found everywhere, so to speak.

·       Very often they arise from the marks left by people or civilizations of the past, such as engravings of giant light bulbs supported by Egyptian peoples or of UFO-like stars reproduced in paintings of saints and madonnas, or of human-like monoliths placed guards on the coasts of the islands. In this case we speak of Mysterious Archeology, that is a kind of pseudoscientific archeology that gives an unscientific interpretation of archaeological finds or presumed as such. So something on which we have no concrete basis and which are free to interpret.

·       Then we have mysteries that were created on purpose by rumors and legends that are anything but real and that are after so many years have been denied such as the Loch Ness Monster, the Bermuda Triangle or the little girl who had her photograph taken with some fairies. These examples have in common the fact that they are real hoaxes whose people who staged them just wanted to make a joke or advertise something kept ready for the occasion. However, it must be said that even today, despite the truth behind these cases has been revealed, there are those who still believe in their authenticity quite stubbornly.

And then there are much darker, sadder, and not always so "fascinating" mysteries.

·       I'm talking about mysteries related to the disappearance of people and cases that have never been solved, murders with no apparent culprit or secret experiments, done on behalf of governments, to discover how far human limits can go. They are stories of cruelty, madness and even terror, sometimes so absurd that one wonders if we are not dealing with a horror story rather than with reality.


Mysteries, as mentioned earlier, don't just involve people.

Many "Investigators of the Mystery" also base their research on objects and places.

We have just said that they may be archaeological finds or very famous places, some are under our eyes but whose use is not clear ... others may not even exist but we continue to look for them.

Let's deepen a second topic regarding the "mystery objects": the only fact that the existence of these is given credit is because they were mentioned by people or sects that really existed and also important for the time, in documents writings of their own hand and which therefore fueled the curiosity of seekers. Certainly you have heard of them a lot of times through movies or comics: Exalibur, the Philosopher's Stone, The Ark of the Covenant ... they have never been seen, by modern man and yet discovering them is the dream of many, perhaps more for possess their vaunted power. Others that are within our reach have turned out to be fakes, such as the famous crystal skulls.

The same thing can be said of the "places of mystery" and here too the examples immediately come to mind, in particular with the myth of Atlantis, mentioned for the first time by the Greek philosopher Plato. Here it is much more difficult to say whether such locations are actually real or fictional as many are reported on real historical documents.


As the centuries pass and the world ages, many aspects of our history become strange and inexplicable. Often we don't understand them because they come from extinct cultures or cryptic characters, other times they are answered by revealing quite funny backstories.


We all want to find the answers to the innumerable secrets of our planet, but it must be admitted that a world without mysteries would be very boring.




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