What is Street Art

On more than one occasion, you will have noticed peculiar designs on the street ... or rather, on the walls of the buildings. The first thought we turn to these drawings is of disappointment, as the subjects are often of dubious taste - I cannot go into detail but you understand what I mean - or they are phrases that incite hatred, and moreover, they dirty the walls.

But there is much more to it than scribbles of "elongated" shapes and words in the wind.

If on the one hand we have vandalism against urban structures, on the other, Street Art and Graffiti are and can be a wonderful art form capable of transforming anonymous white walls into superb canvases and therefore cities into art galleries. open sky.

In many countries of the world, including Italy; it is possible to find breathtaking works that tell stories or celebrate famous people of the local culture… they are not even that difficult to identify, considering that they often decorate the facades of the condominium walls.

Of course, street art is more striking than a graffiti, as it is mainly a written made in a particular way. But even this technique has its own charm and a history that is not at all boring.


What is the difference between graffiti and street art?

I think it is essential to clarify, as a first concept, the background behind the two artistic movements: Graffiti Writing (but it would be better to say only Writing), was born as a cultural movement and social manifestation; Street Art is an evolution of that movement that is increasingly becoming a salable and exchangeable commodity.

The environment in which these two figures are born and developed is different: the writer is born in the street, develops it own style on the walls of the city and does it secretly, so as not to be seen because what it does is illegal and usually is part of a specific crew; the Street Artist was born in the studio, it perfected it technique in safe environments and then moved on the walls, but in the sunlight and in a legal way.

Writers are elusive and hide, in fact the culture of Writing is linked to tags and lettering, while Street Art is increasingly characterized by elaborate artistic productions, real or purely abstract subjects, iconography and nature. "

[taken from the article: https://www.disagian.it/street-art-graffiti-la-difference-tra-i-due-movimenti/]


So are street artists better than graffiti artists?

It would not be fair to make such a big comparison, both currents have their own whys and have helped to send messages.

It is true, this concept is more present in Street Art. Just think of some works so famous that they have become historical icons, thanks to the strong imprint that the artist wanted to leave as "The Girl with a balloon" by Banksy, or "The Gaza Strip ”By my compatriot Blu. These works strike because they want to stir people's conscience and they do it with strong images. But both currents have made history and continue to make it.


Over time, Street Art has undergone a transformation and a different processing that moves away from brushes and paint. Many artists have begun to manifest their own in different ways and on different places such as, for example, with chalks on the sidewalks, or covering common objects with colored fabrics, nature itself arranged in such a way as to sprout in a specific way, or some simple single letters.

Whatever the medium, the goal is always the same: to convey something.

Sometimes just astonishment, other times to denounce.

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