Birthday arrives (i.e., another year older)

It's curious how our interest on birthday changes as we grow up.

As children we wait for it as much as Christmas, looking forward to being surrounded by colorful balloons, the gifts that friends and relatives will bring and the cake with our favorite flavor. Becoming older than a year seems to us almost like a historical event (at least as I remember it), one more step to grow up and do the things that are still forbidden to us.

At that time in our life, this holiday is a rainbow of joy..


As a teenager it is… different.

We begin to consider it in "stages" as we approach maturity.

Obviously it depends on how you are going through it since it is that period of your life when you don't know whether to love it or hate it. Certainly there is not the same enthusiasm as when you are a child, also because the parties are more modest and what matters is to spend a good time in company. But as I said, it depends on how you are experiencing adolescence. I could say that the birthdays of this age group almost take a back seat at least until the fateful 18 arrives ... the number that declares that you are finally an adult and you can do whatever the fuck you want (so to speak).


From eighteen onwards ... boh?

How exciting is it still to turn years?

Basically we go from waiting with impatience ... to then consider it as one day like any other. And when you are grappling with everyday life, responsibilities, work ... you don't really want to celebrate and you just need a pizza for dinner and a keychain as a gift to feel satisfied.

And it's bad because then you don't even enjoy the simple serenity.

I know for a fact that not everyone is excited about getting old.

Under certain conditions, then, you feel that number as a stone that weighs on your being alive because you compare yourself with others who, at the same age or almost; have achieved a specific result. And there you want to stop time, be able to rewind it and find the carefree lost in the street, relive those beautiful moments when the only concern was to choose whether to buy ice cream or chips.


And then you stop. Think. You calm down.

You realize that the birthday is not a timer that, having reached a precise time; it will blow you up… but a new chapter in the book of your life.

Of course, not all chapters tell of beautiful moments or joys ... and often the new introductions can scare just as the future... but there in the middle of the pages there are always and there will be paragraphs of hope and happiness, it's up to us to put them in writing.

And then the birthday returns a bit magical. A day when there will always be that friend who will greet you on time or that relative who will never fail to call you and remind you that your birth was important to him / her.

These are small things that for many will be trivial and insignificant, but for others it excite them like a stadium choir.


Happy birthday.

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