The word "toxic" usually refers to things or foods that can harm a person's health.
This term can also be used to refer to those people who have unfair behavior towards others.


“Being toxic” has unfortunately become; a very common adjective nowadays.
We could immediately close the discussion by saying that it is all the fault of the internet and the fact that it is easy to play assholes from behind a monitor. But the internet is only the medium. Let's not forget that it is the person who voluntarily commits the act, well aware of wanting to harm the unfortunate first person on duty.
This type of behavior is very present in "fandoms"; Community of enthusiasts of a hobby, of a film or literary genre, of an author or of a fashion. Born mainly to bring people together under the sign of love and appreciation, unfortunately, even here you can find the classic black sheep: they consider their support to the fandom superior to that of others, judges and jury of whatever happens to the characters ( which I want to emphasize that they do not exist) and even executioners against those who show the slightest criticism of their idol.
There is no limit to the wickedness that these people are able to unleash, they do not hesitate to verbally attack even the kids just to be right and it is disturbing to discover that they are often adults ...

Fortunately, not all fandoms are toxic, but it is possible to say which of these are the most.
A careful selection (based from interviews, votes and user experiences) made it possible to compose lists of the most harmful groups on the web, a recognition that we should not be proud of.
If you are thinking that it is already ridiculous to be aggressive towards something like a video game or a cartoon ... well, know that this attitude also involves the world of entertainment.
Whether it is an actor or a singer, the difference is small; these performers are both gods and victims, too hated or too loved depending on their life choices. In this case the problem is aggravated because we are talking about individuals in flesh and blood who can even risk physical abuse, which can reach into their private sphere and endanger relatives and companions.
This behavior should never be underestimated and it is important to react and defend yourself at the first signs of threat.


I recommend reading this interesting article on the subject: https://reelrundown.com/misc/5-Factors-that-Can-Cause-Toxic-Fandom-to-Arise


In reality, even a basically good person can commit toxic acts without wanting to. The causes of this attitude can be many and it is not always due to badness, as you might think: frustration, stress, dissatisfaction ... factors that do not favor a peaceful life.
Someone manages to immediately realize that they are wrong and tackle the problem alone by venting elsewhere without involving others.
If, on the other hand, such a person does not realize what they are doing, it is the duty of those close to them to understand the cause of that bad attitude and be able to correct it before this leads them to be isolated from everyone.
Accepting that we are wrong is the first step towards reconciliation with ourselves.

In conclusion, being toxic never leads to anything good.
Let's educate ourself and educate others not to behave badly towards someone or something just because it does not respect our standards of appreciation.
Life is too beautiful and interesting to waste it indignant.


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