Despicable me


 The bad guys.

In a self-respecting story, this figure cannot be missing.
In creative writing it is one of the first archetypes that are taught to create.
Their presence helps us to understand the difference between good and evil, to realize that taking actions against others is wrong and that crime does not pay ... and above all; without them one would not be able to appreciate the heroes and their deeds.
It's not at all easy to create a self-respecting villain.
It is not enough to simply mount a character who behaves badly, it must have a deep and structured personality as much as the good protagonist. It must be unpleasant ... but also convey fear and respect ... in short, make himself human enough to make us think that there are really people like him.
If a villain doesn't give us this kind of emotion, there's no point in being called a villain.



But who is actually "the bad guy"?
There are so many types in the world that a list should be kept.
They range from simple troublemakers to dictatorial emperors who want to take over the world. They can be human figures, or very often monsters and aliens from parallel dimensions. The villain, however, can also be understood as a metaphorical representation of evil, the same protagonist who has lost the right path, or even a company with not exactly honest intentions.
It all depends on the context and the moral that you want to tell.
In this regard, the question arises: how do these individuals go to the dark side?
Many of the evil, famous characters from movies and cartoons; they are immediately presented in the midst of their wickedness. But when did they start? What triggered their behavior? Their origin is a source of curiosity: sometimes it is the show itself that explains it and the doubt is removed, but often the question remains unanswered.
In recent years, Disney has been using this tool to create a new genre of film, to be considered a prequel to the story that has come to us (topic mentioned in a previous article). There's no denying it's interesting as an idea, but from the trailer results the expectation isn't always what you want and many viewers risk disappointment. Let's see if they can make us change our minds.

I regret to think that lately I have not seen more similar characters around, there are very few bad guys who show off the deserved title, because either they become good despite all the disgust they have done or they are forgiven too easily. Damn, give me someone to send to hell! Like Cinderella's stepmother: oh my how much I hate her! She doesn't need magical powers or to kill anyone, she just needs to be a bitch and she leaves her mark!


From this point of view, it is nice to note the commitment of the fans who never fail to propose interesting theories or concepts that try to get closer to the most logical explanation. It is curious to underline that the interest in the villains is higher than that of the heroes, when it comes to talking about them. It will be that captivating look, the cheekiness, the way of presenting themselves ... the fact is that no one else can match them with their charisma.
Just recently I looked at the “Sword in the Stone” and I couldn't stop myself from adoring Madam Mim who, although her role in the film is secondary; I love it for its madness.

To conclude.
The bad guys are needed in our life.
You can hate them… and even love them, if you can say so; because basically there will be no one else like them who will give us that mix of appreciation and emotional respect.


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