Tell me I'm pretty

Make-up is as old a practice as vanity.
Women and men (yes! It was not exclusively for female!), As civilization evolves, have used the art of cosmetics in ever more different ways. If at the beginning its use was mainly linked to religious purposes, today it is used exclusively to accentuate the beauty of a person (you don't say?).
Every day we women are hammered by the mass media that offer us various tools to make our eyelashes flowing like Bambi's or eye shadows with such bright colors that they can compete with a traffic light. The products that come out every day are amazing, the cosmetic stores are overflowing with lip glosses, rejuvenating creams and so on. Considering what they promise to accomplish, I expect a hair dye will come out at any moment that changes hue just by saying it.
Fortunately, with the evolution of chemistry, the concoctions used are no longer toxic, otherwise poor us.


Throughout history, cultures have shown us that we wore makeup for different reasons. We emphasize that the aesthetic canons differ from century to century, also following the fashions of the moment.
From this point of view it is very interesting to scrutinize the history and their origin, cosmetics has been able to increase its fame thanks above all to many important historical figures who, like the stars of today's cinema; they influenced the masses with their habits.
Everything started from Ancient Egypt.
The Egyptians were not only ahead of the other kingdoms in mathematics, astronomy, medicine and so on, they also understood how to make themselves beautiful with powders and rudimentary ointments, and they did it above all to ingratiate themselves with the gods. Cleopatra herself is to be considered one of the first icons of beauty, it seems that she did daily scrubs and made up her eyes with a particular dark powder.
Perhaps the Greeks and Romans were inspired by it, to also begin to consider the idea of devoting themselves more to beauty and hygiene, so much so that they had even issued a fine for anyone who "dared" to walk around looking unkempt . And of this culture stands out the figure of the legendary Poppea, whose milk baths to make her skin soft and white have come to the present day.
Not a bad start, right?
But these historical periods are nothing compared to those approaching the present day.


Between fashion, music and freedom, make-up has become essential, as well as a status symbol.
Just take a look around to realize it: the movie stars, the teenagers who want to make a good impression at school, the workers ...
Of course, having a good presence is not bad after all, the problem arises when you can't do it anymore. less: for women now not so young, it is a way to make their youth "survive", for others only a pretext to nourish their own vanity. Wearing makeup therefore becomes a mask of appearance and little substance, and it is a shame as this ruins many people who tend to be beautiful even naturally, unknowingly diminishing their self-esteem.
As I mentioned earlier, man also has his connection with makeup (and more or less the same problems). Perhaps less incisive than the woman but still important. The man has exploited the make-up both for beauty purposes as in the case of the Victorian dandies who powdered themselves up to the tips of the wigs, and to intimidate as in the case of the war paints of Indian warriors, the latter practice is still used above all for sporting events such as football matches.
Among the boys, then, the idea of wearing makeup is labeled as girls stuff.

Well, it seems that many men are using more and more beauty products, slowly starting to eliminate the old stereotypes. Many companies are developing cosmetics that are also suitable for our him, promoting it thanks to many male testimonials who agreed with the idea. It is still a long way and who knows where it will lead.


The beauty of makeup is that you can also use it to transform a person's face into something completely different.
Here we talk about make-up more dedicated to masking and special effects, but I'm sure no one will complain.
Many artists have been noticed precisely because they have decided to go out of line with this technique.
Between professionals and beginners, transforming one's appearance and face into a canvas is a game of incredible results. You can transform yourself into an animal, or even into a cartoon character, or even into a fantastic creature studded with flowers and crystals ... it is difficult to describe such a job in words because it is only by admiring the photos or the tutorials of these " transformations ”that you can perceive the beauty of the work.


This is an ever changing world with its strengths and weaknesses.
Certainly there will be no shortage of news and surprises in the future, but we hope that this will not affect our evaluation of the concept of beauty and the freedom to appear as we want.


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