I think you are all familiar with the story of the security guard who, at the Yeltsin museum in Russia, drew a pair of eyes on the human figures in Anna Leporskaya's modern work. I don't know the work, but the first thing I thought is: "Are you a huge moron?"

I was like with one hand on my forehead I couldn't stop wondering how a security guard (a person who would have to be serious and attentive to do this job, then), BECAUSE WAS BORED he got it into her head to scribble on a painting.

I say ... how can you be so thoughtless?

Maybe he didn't like it and there is no question about personal tastes… but how can you get to this point without realizing the consequences you are going to encounter?


You know, I've always hated people who disrespect art.

Yes, it's partly influenced by my passion for the genre and I don't deny it… but regardless of that, it's really stupid.

The artistic heritage, in my opinion, is the most beautiful legacy that our ancestors left us. Here in Italy, in particular; we can boast of such extraordinary works that we are envied from all over the world and that even if we have them constantly under our eyes they always make us feel wonder. We have museums, galleries and amazing monuments that are within everyone's reach, we are lucky enough to be able to admire works of art that take your breath away, move us and make us lose our sense of reality when we immerse ourselves in colors and shapes. They can be classic works such as mosaics and frescoes, or contemporary in the form of a cascade of color running down a flight of stairs or statues that look like balloons twisted to look like a little dog.

In short, art is like food: there is for all tastes.


And, despite this, there must always be the idiot on duty who has to ruin the party for everyone.


Unfortunately, vandalism, whether unaware or not, is more frequent than one might imagine. The causes may be due to people who would like to take the perfect souvenir photo (and in doing so involuntarily damages the subject), sometimes at the hands of crazy people (and therefore without a real reason), very often due to disrespectful tourists or simply idiots.

All of these people lack common sense.

Yet, being inside an important place like a museum, they should know that the works around them are not toys that can be taken and shaken, and they should also know that going against the rules leads to severe (monetary) punishments.

As much as we may be indignant, the lack of respect for the history of art is nothing new.

There is less and less interest in this classical subject and fewer and fewer people willing to study it. It is not supported with due merit and those funds that could help the restoration of works or structures are directed towards other things; which is why the institutions at the head of the Fine Arts are always working to promote the country's masterpieces.

It's a real shame, I can only say this.

If we are not careful, at this rate we will lose what are historical jewels and it would be a very serious crime if we let it happen.


Art is within everyone's reach, but this is not a pretext to ruin it.

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