My parents really like to tell my sister and I about when they were young, about their love crush or when as children they enjoyed simple things like cloth dolls and walks with friends.
It fascinates me to feel how different the world was when they were my age, yet I walked those same streets and looked at the same sea that overlooks my house and it seems almost impossible to believe that they are not quite the same. My "world" is not the same as they were in, so they take care to let me know.
Memories are something unique: they make you rejoice, they make you cry, they make you miss moments that will never be repeated, but which you thank for having lived them. Not for nothing, they are one of the most important things in our life.

It must be sad when the memory of something dear disappears.

Thinking about it, passing on memories is a necessary cultural act.
Since ancient times, man has always looked for a way to preserve the memory of himself: diaries, photos, oral stories… there are many ways to pass on to future generations the story of what we were and what it was. At School is taught for this reason, with the only flaw, however, that it is not always told well and in an interesting way.
I can't speak for others, but I've had the damned misfortune of always having to suffer the same damn arguments until the end of high school.


First prehistory… then Egypt… the Sumerians… the Middle Ages…. The exact same soup without ever having a window of novelty.

And to say that history is much more than that.
It is not just about talking about great extinct empires or monkeys that inhabited caves, but also about the change of our territory, about the little people who have revolutionized the way we see the world, climate change, music and art. .
I could go on and on.
Every now and then I am told very interesting anecdotes about my territory, Calabria, especially by my father (a great lover of history).
For many years I thought my land was boring and without anything special. Fortunately, over the years I have discovered that things have happened, good and bad; and it's more incredible than I thought. I have even discovered a lot of fascinating legends and that also linked to the names of famous people. The anger when I think no one has ever told me these things before! Now I understand why many writers and poets have ensured that the wonders of their country were not forgotten.



If we think about it, for many individuals being forgotten is almost as scary as death.



It is curious how there are people who are looking for a way to leave a clear imprint on history; as if in this way they tried to survive.

Just think of all those kings and queens who hired hordes of artists to be immortalized in statues or portraits, so that posterity would know how big they were. And if that wasn't enough, there was then some great feat to be accomplished that time could not easily erase.
This is how history is born after all.
Without it, we could not have known events such as the founding of the Roman Empire, the moon landing or the World War.



But despite this, someone intends to ignore it.

Desecrating the memory of something or someone is in itself an insult, but even getting to muddy it is to be considered a crime.
Denying that it happened, that it was not important, that it even had negative consequences ... how can this be done? As in the persecution of the Jews. Followers of those who gave birth to the persecutions persist in saying that it never happened, that the concentration camps are a farce and other nonsense that makes you feel ulcers.
It's a shame.
Unfortunately, this is a recurring "cliché" that is being taken as an example by the new generations.

It doesn't have to happen! It must be absolutely prevented!
History should not be changed for the benefit of others.
History should not be forgotten because it is of no interest.
History should not be insulted.
Because history is the memory of what we have been and will allow us to become in the future.

Let's educate them.


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