The art of… being a woman

"From the eyes of women I derive my doctrine: they still shine with the true fire of Prometheus, they are the books, the arts, the academies, which show, contain and nourish the world."
(William Shakespeare)

“Women have always had to fight doubly. They have always had to carry two burdens, the private one and the social one. Women are the backbone of societies. "
(Rita Levi-Montalcini)

“Ah! The strength of women comes from something that psychology cannot explain. Men can be analyzed, women ... only adored. "
(Oscar Wilde)


These are just some of the aphorisms that have been said about women.
Wonderful sentences of praise on their beauty, their intelligence, their virtues.
Yet being a woman has never been an easy job, and despite the good things that are said, they are still treated with disdain in this world that cries out for gender equality.
Commonplaces and stereotypes about women are lost in history, sometimes we laugh at them and sometimes they make us angry, it depends with what intention we say.
And then there is the repudiation, the hatred, the scorn ... for some reason there are individuals who hate women to such a high level that I don't even know what to compare it with. Because we know that hatred has no limits.
Before anyone accuses me of being a feminist: Yes, this also happens to men and what happens to them is no less than what a woman has to endure. Unfortunately, however, it has always been the woman who has suffered the digs of social malice.
As a normal person, I can say that I have been lucky enough to live an ordinary life up to now, with its ups and downs.
As a woman, however, I also experienced a couple of unpleasant "situations" including a groping on the ass as a teenager and a pervert who masturbated next to me while I was on the train. Vomiting events, but which I have eliminated and prevented from weighing on my existence.

I consider these few unpleasant incidents to be trivial compared to what happened to other girls ... very compelling things, that you can't believe your ears.
Yes, because there are creeps who think they have the right to get their hands on you because they are unable to control their sexual impulses. Because that's what we are to some: desire, the object of lust, a pair of open legs that want it even when it says no.
It's the fault of how we dress.
It's the fault of how we move.
It is the fault of our being beautiful.
It's our fault if that happens, regardless of what the reason is.
Of course, because a person voluntarily asks to be taken, beaten and used as a sex toy.
And if we are not even that, then we are only good as a punching bags, useless pieces of meat that do not know how to do anything and that from death are more useful than alive.

Killing appears to be the easiest solution for these individuals… but how can one get to commit such a serious sin? How rotten do you have to be to get to this point?
I have no idea how much blood of innocent women is paving the streets of our country or the inner world, but certainly enough to form a tide whose level is still far from ebbing.


Yet the figure of the woman has always been a source of wonder and admiration, so at least history teaches: from prehistory and ancient cultures she was the goddess of fertility, the sacred casket that gives rise to life; in the Renaissance and in the artistic centuries she was the muse of art so close to the divine sphere to inspire artists and poets; and why not mention the Virgin Mary herself so celebrated and respected in religion?
These are proofs that the woman was loved so much regardless of her appearance and role.
And if we have to talk about more earthly women, then let me bring out the long list of women who have contributed to change the world with their strength and intelligence: Rita Levi Montalcini, the Brontè sisters, Marie Curie ... these are just some of the figures in pink that are part of the Olympus of women.
Therefore woman is angel and devil, servant and queen, saint and sinner, everything and nothing.
You never come to an agreement and that breaks my balls quite a bit.
As far as I'm concerned, woman is woman. Point.
Housewife, teacher, celebrity, scientist… I don't care what role she plays, she is a human being.


What does it mean to be a woman?
For me it is being yourself.
I've always thought of myself as… me. I have a pair of boobs and every month I have to go through my period, okay. They are part of me and I keep them. Basically these are things that I have always considered natural, as it is natural to have hair or to be able to walk.
Because that's how it works, right?
No one has ever made me weigh or improve my being a female and there are few, almost zero times I have worried about how I should represent myself with my sex.
It should be like this for everyone, it would save us a lot of mental blowjobs, stereotypes and violence.
Only then could we define this life as normal.


"For all the violence consumed on her,
for all the humiliations she suffered,
for her body that you exploited,
for her intelligence that you have trampled on,
for the ignorance in which you left her,
for the freedom you have denied,
for the mouth you have plugged it,
for the wings you have cut off,
for all this:
standing, gentlemen, in front of a Woman."
(William Shakespeare)

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